Dress Code

At Ray’s, we require all our guests to pull out your BEST for your UPSCALE DINING experience. To TRULY HAVE an enjoyable environment for all our guests, athletic wear, excessively revealing or torn clothing, and exposed undergarments will not be permitted. At Ray’s, we prefer no printed T-shirts, hats, or open-toed shoes and always appreciate collared shirts and/or sports coats. We look forward to seeing your always elegant selves for A FIRST CLASS experience at Ray’s.

Management reserves the right to change or update this Dress Code at any time.

Not Allowed: Beach Flip Flops & Slides, Baseball Caps & Beanies, Sleeveless Shirts/Tank Tops for Men, Sweatpants & Jogging Pants, Baggy Pants, Sports Leggings, Athletic/Active Wear, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Clothing that is Overly Exposing, Short Shorts, Dresses & Skirts.